Friday, December 18, 2015

Olivia is ONE YEARS OLD!

Stats Head Circumference 17.72 in 52% Length 30 in 78% Weight 19lb 39% Olivia naps 2 times a day. Poops a lot and usually in the morning. Can give kisses, wave goodbye, eat table food, has 1 tooth with another one growing in next to it, loves attention, walks forward and backwards, loves puppys and playing outside!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Olivia 7 Months

Olivia is 7 months old. She is still such a sweet and happy baby. She notices now when I leave the room and doesn't care for it. She loves every morning when her siblings wake up and give you all the attention in the world. She eats baby food. So far I've made most green veggies and orange veggies and some fruits. She seems to like most of it. I have to mix her peas with another veggie though. She naps 3 times a day for 1.5 hours. She wakes up around 6:30 AM every morning and usually goes to bed between 8:30 and 10:00. She can now go from all fours to a sitting position. She can kinda crawl normal, but moves much faster if she is scooting on her belly all over. If the room she is in gets really loud from people talking she will start gabbering really loud too. She is also loud when she is getting tired. She can click her tongue and copies us when we do it. She loves playing peak a boo with anyone willing! We love you Livi Pie!

Gardner Village Pictures

I took the kids to Garnder Village and while we were there I snapped some pictures of them! They turned out super cute! Elle 9.5 years old, Fox 6.5 years old, Zander 4.5 years old and Olivia 6.5 months!

Evenson Family Reunion

Evenson Family Reunion 2015 was out our house for the 4th of July! We had swimming, food, snow cones, water balloons, games and fireworks! Thanks everyone who helped out! It was a lot of fun!

Lake Powell 2015

We were invited to Lake Powell with 5 other families that live in our neighborhood! It was our first time there! It was breathtakingly beautiful and we all had a wonderful time. My kids learned a lot and so did Jesse and I. The weather was perfect for boating so we were out from 9 AM to 9 PM. Olivia did a fabulous job. She napped really well on the boat! She's seriously the best baby ever!! Tubing was probably my favorite, but kneeboarding came close! Elle tried wakeboarding and loved cliff jumping. Fox was a pro at knee boarding and could do 180's on the board. Zander just loved being in the boat or swimming around. He also loved paddeling around at the beach. We made such great memories with our friends and hope to go back again!

Random pic of Livi

Random pictures of Olivia! She has been such a joy in our lives and brings pure happiness!


I'm so so in love!! She fell asleep in my arms and I decided that I just wanted to hold her and not put her down for her nap. I'm so glad I did! It was the best afternoon ever!

Last Day of kindergarten and 3rd grade!

Schools out for SUMMER!!!! Fox finished his year of kindergarten and did a great job! Elle is done with 3rd grade and is excited for 4th! Also a random picture of Livi because she is so so cute!

Elle's Dancing!

Another year of dance for Elle. She did Jazz and clogging. She had a good time and really improved with her skills. She is a performer and doesn't get nervous at all! This sadly is her last year of dance. She's decided to focus on soccer! Great job Elle!

Zander playing soccer

Zander did soccer again and Jesse was his coach! He did awesome and loved playing/running/kicking and even scoring!!